Don’t Let Anyone With Bad Eyebrows, Tell You Anything About Life

Good evening my friends. Todays blog is my current everyday makeup look. My everyday makeup look never really changes. I always go for really soft lovely pinks, and my trademark nude lip. Recently I’ve been loving my real full eyebrows and have been making them look really sharp and defined, simply because thats how I like mine. I have really been loving looking through all of the makeup shops recently and for my birthday I got so much lovely makeup, I was really spoilt.


So this is a really nice girly look. Very pink themed, and very smart looking. This is my everyday makeup look, but I do usually wear this makeup look out to dinner or somewhere in the evening.


So for this makeup look, I wore the Rimmel Fresher skin foundation. It’s fairly new, but I really love it. It’s got a really weird constancy and a different texture to what I’m used too. For me I do usually like something with a bit more coverage, but for this time of year my skins not too bad, so I didn’t mind it.


This is the most amazing piece of makeup I own Filmstar Bronze and Glow. This is the Charlotte Tilbury  its stunningly beautiful. It’s just so pretty. It gives off the most amazing glow. I even like the highlighter. I just love everything about this. I don’t use it as a contour, I just use the bronze colour to give my face a really lovely glow. To contour I use my next product.


This is a pretty basic staple, that I’m pretty sure everyone has in their makeup bag. It’s a contour kit from sleek. I don’t usually contour my face because I usually end up just looking like I have really bruised cheeks, but I really like using this one. I think it just blends much nicer than any other kits I’ve tried in the past.

I then moved onto Master Stobing Stick, by Maybelline. I really like this because its so smooth and creamy. It blends super well and just gives me a nice little glow to my cheeks. I use it just under my eye and raise it a little, just in C shape, and run it just under the brow bone. This is becoming one of my faves recently.


Next I move onto my blush. This is my Charlotte Tilbury Blush, its called Love Is The Drug. I got this for my birthday and its just stunning. Theres nothing I don’t like about this blush. It literally gives the most beautiful colour to your cheeks. Really deep pink colour, its just gorgeous. Bit more pricey then your usual drugstore one, but I think well worth the money.


Okay So next is my eyebrows. I use the same product for my eyebrows all the time. I never ever change. Its always my Sleek brows kit, in dark. Its just the perfect product. I used to start off using the powder, but now I use the creamy side. Just gives my brows the really perfect on point kinda look. They just look so stunning and lovely. My brows might look a bit sharp to some people, but its just how I like them.


With my Base all finished I like to then move onto the eyes. So for my eyes I used the L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara. Which is amazing. ❤ I love this so much. I’m really into my mascaras I have so many, I really like to experiment with them, but this one is my new absolute fave. It’s my most reached for one. I can see myself repurchasing this over and over and over again.

So for my eyeshadow, I like to keep things fairly simple on a day to day basis. I like to go for a bronze/pinky toned look. I like to use my charlotte tilbury palette, The pinky champagne kinda colour all over my lids, and then take the gold colour underneath it, and use that in my crease and slightly smoke it out a little bit. Then I use the bronze colour in my Blushed Nudes palette, just under my eye, and in the corner.


Then for my trademark Cat Flick eye, I like to use the L’oreal Ultra Precision Liner. This is again also an amazing product. It’s just so good. I really like L’oreal liners. I used to be obsessed with their Ultra Slim, and when I first used this liner, I’ll be honest I found it quite difficult to get the right kinda look, but now that I’m used to it, its just perfect.


I then use my fave ever concealer. This is the lasting perfection concealer that everyone raves about, but with good reason. This just hides any blemishes you have, and completely covers over those tired eyes. I really love this concealer and I just can’t sing its praises loud enough. LOVE THIS!


And Finally the lipstick. This is the finishing touch, to any makeup look. This is from the new L’oreal Gold Obsession Lipstick range. Have you tried these? If not, then why not? It’s crazy. This is so perfect for any occasion. This is just a really lovely everyday pink kinda colour. It’s simply called PINK gold. I really love L’oreal products at the moment as I’m sure your able to tell, but there just all so good. Big L’oreal fan over here.

And this is the final look. Thanks for reading today guys. I know I’m awful at posting regularly, but I promise I am going to try harder. Thanks for today guys, and I will hopefully be posting really soon.

Kitty Out xo


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