A Womans Perfume Tells You More About Her Than Her Handwriting

Happy Saturday pals! My goodness this has been an awful long break. I don’t think Ive written a blogpost in about 5 months? At least 4! Its been a really crazy few months. Back in January I transferred to a different store with my work, and since doing so I’ve worked crazy hours, days on end and to be completely honest I just couldn’t be bothered to blog? So I do apologise. I’ve worked slightly less recently, but its still been a bit crazy. I want to try and make sure I make time for regular blogposts, but I make no promises.

Now that my explanation as to where I have been is over we can actually get into the interesting stuff. So as I’m sure your all aware (Well those of you who live in the UK) at the moment were experiencing some warmer weather, and its beautiful. I seemed to have obtained quiet a collection of perfumes over the years, and there are some scents that I regard as my winter scents and my christmassy ones, and others are my more summery scents. I thought I would go through some of my top fave summer perfumes? So this has been quiet a long intro, so I’m just going to jump into it.


Britney Spears, Island Fantasy
This sounds like a really odd choice, but this is just a really perfect summer scent. Its a mix between tropical fruits and floral scents. I got this for my birthday a few years ago, and I do really love it. Definitely more of a daytime scent though. Whenever I wear this I get complimented a lot. I  can’t remember if this was a limited edition version, but I’m sure you can find it on loads of different websites. I love the tropical sunny smell, I sometimes find tropical perfumes slightly too coconutty and this is perfect! IMG_1135

Marc Jacobs Daisy 
WOW this perfume is amazing. I can’t make up my mind on weather this is floral or fruity but I think I will have to settle on both? I love this, it’s one of my most used perfumes. I think its a really romantic kinda smell! does that make sense? I hope so. Its not a heavy perfume but I think it just adds a touch of elegance. Its quiet a fresh smell. I think you could wear this out during the day for an everyday summer perfume.
Zoella, Blissfull Mistful
I really love this perfume. I’m sure everyone reading this knows all about this perfume, but I got given this as a present from my best pal a few years ago and I really love how well the smell actually lasts. I would still get people making comments on how lovely I smelt at the end of the day, even when I applied it at 9oclock in the morning. It really lasts and I think this is probably my summer, everyday go to perfume. I rate this really highly.IMG_1136
DKNY, Be Delicious
Oh boy, oh boy. This is what it says. This smells absolutely delicious. This perfume to me is like sunshine in a bottle. It smells like apple and citrus fruits to me. I know thats the idea, but with so many perfumes not actually smelling like the ingredients this surprises me. I got this for myself a couple years ago as a present. I even wrapped it up like someone got it for me 😂 I think this is suitable for everyday use and special occasions.IMG_1153.jpg
Olympia, Paco Rabanne 
I have saved the best for last. This is my absolute fave perfume I own. It is literally the most beautiful scent ever created. I could wear this everyday and never get bored, but I have to be very careful not to waste it. It usually ends up in my bag, so I can give myself a quick refresh throughout the day. I asked my dad to buy it for me in duty free, and if you know my dad, you’d know how much I wasn’t expecting this because he doesn’t like to spend money unless its on a gadget or something. (Thanks pops) This perfume lasts really well, but it isn’t overpowering. This is probably likely to make it onto my Birthday list this
Wearing perfume can make you feel amazing. Makes us girls feel more feminine and pretty and I think it contributes to how confident your feeling that day? Obviously you’ll have more confidence knowing that you smell really great, rather than wondering if you smell like a warm wet dog? Okay so for my first blog in about 5 months it wasn’t that bad right? I really enjoy blogging and anything beauty related is my absolute passion. I’m going to try and get more involved. Feel free to leave any comments of feedback. Thats all from me tonight Lots of love, Kitty  ❤

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