Use Your Smile To Change The World 😄

Hello everyone! Its Friday! End of the week, I’m glad my life calmed down a bit more this week and I’ve actually had time to blog a bit more! Today’s blog isn’t nesiecailry beauty related, but its a new product that I have become a massive fan of.  I have tried so many different types of teeth whitening and over the years I have tried several different products and tools. I have found a lot of toothpaste’s that are really brilliant, but recently I found an amazing toothpaste.

Pearl Drops

Okay so my teeth have never been yellow. and there not exactly brown, but I have always been obsessed with trying to achieve a whiter smile. I’ve used toothpaste and whitening kits with blue lights. I have found in the past some really good kits which I really really love, but I honestly think this is one of the best products I have found.

Okay so I don’t have a before picture, because I honestly didn’t expect the difference it was going to make. They look really pearly white, and I honestly do have people tell me that my teeth are really white, and some people ask what I use. Its basically this stuff. I’m also really keen on the Oral B 3D white, and I have used that for a long time as well. I think with the pearl drops you really see a difference almost instantly.

It comes a bright pink colour, which you need to be careful of. Always brush your teeth before doing your makeup because you could end up with a bright pink ring around your lips. Gives you really fresh breath and just does everything a normal toothpaste should do, and more.

So here are some pictures of my teeth! Sorry if teeth freak you out a bit 😂
Tips for a whiter looking smile
1. Red lipstick. Although the red lipstick doesn’t actually do anything at all to the teeth, it gives the appearance of a whiter smile.
2. Eat crunchy vegetables and fruits, they act as natural exfoliant, and help prevent the buildup of stains.
3. I personally think having a tan makes my teeth look whiter. Again it doesn’t actually do anything, just makes your teeth look more pearly white.
4. Cutting down on foods and drinks that stain your teeth, will really help. You will be able to see a difference really soon. Things like tea and coffee.
5. Vitsing a dentist regularly to get advice is always important (I am terrified of the dentist so I find this really hard, but I will be going soon)
6. Obviously brushing your teeth carefully and properly is always one, but thats something we should all be doing anyway 😂

I think whitening your teeth is all about finding the right products for your smile. My teeth are really sensitive, so I need to find toothpastes and whitening kits that sensitive friendly. I have experimented with a lot of different products, and I have a selection of products that I really really love. Boots do two really good whitening kits that I have tried and love. They do a Rapid Teeth Whitening Kit, which promises to whitening your teeth in two weeks. I have bought this product 3 times in the recent years. It’s only £20.00. Their next whitening product is their Rapid White Tooth Whitening kit. It’s slightly more expensive but I really do love these products as well. The blue light kit is £30.00, but works really well.  Click on the links to find out more about them, but I really do recommend them.

Okay so thats it from me today, bit of a weird blog I know, but I thought its only fair to do a blog post about teeth considering how important they are, and how impressed i have been with these products.


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