I Simply Remember My Favourite Things, And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad

Good evening all. I’m back! I haven’t really posted anything for about two weeks, and I’m really sorry, but I was just working so much, and everything became really busy? No excuses I know, but I was just too tired to even post anything. Any spare time I had I was sleeping.

Anyway today is the 1st February and I think its only appropriate if I talk you through all the products I have been loving through January. January is a really exciting month, because for Christmas I got a few really lovely makeup bits and pieces. I get to spend the whole month experimenting with new looks. Okay so I have quiet a few favourites, so I’m just going to jump straight into it before this blog gets too long.

IMG_0244.jpgCharlotte Tilbury, Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette

So for christmas I was super lucky. and got given this Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette. This you will have seen in my ‘what I got for Christmas blog’ but omg. It’s literally the most amazing eyeshadow palette ever. I use this pretty much every day, and I just love it so much. it comes with four colours, and even on the back of the palette it gives you tips to create the perfect Vampy smokey eye. Obviously you can wear them on their own and don’t have to do as directed on the back of the palette. They do a whole load of palettes, all to create different looks, and after trying this I think I will have to go head into selfidges and see what I can find at the Charlotte Tilbury counter. I am a massive fan of her lipsticks, and its just nice to try some other products from her range.

Revlon, Ultimate All In One Mascara

This is a really new purchase and I’m really sorry but your probably going to hear me talking about this a lot. I love this mascara, it has the smallest little brush, but it manages to catch every lash and coat them all individually. It gives you really dark and full lashes. I bought this about two weeks ago, and I have worn it every day since, and I have been getting so many compliments wearing it. I haven’t owned a Revlon mascara before, but they have just bought out an entire range of different mascaras all for different styles. I have picked up a few of there new mascaras, but as this one describes by its title, it literally is all in one. Thick, dark lashes with loads of volume. They don’t even look clumpy which I think is a major problem with most mascaras. Love this, its my new fave.
IMG_0250.jpgPearl Drops, Instant White
I know what your thinking! Toothpaste in a favourites blog? Isn’t that a daily necessity? Yes, yes it is an everyday need! However, this is one of the best toothpastes I’ve ever used. I have a lot of teeth problems at the moment ( DW nothing gross, I’m just scared of the dentist) and this toothpaste really helps. Also it really helps to whiten your teeth. I don’t have brown teeth or anything too bad, I just always wanted a slightly whiter smile. This toothpaste works amazingly well. I don’t want to talk much more about this toothpaste, because I will be doing a full review on this, but I defo recommend this.
IMG_6713Liz Earl Cleans and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is something most beauty enthusiast will have used at some point. I hadn’t tried it until I got this for christmas. I have grown to love this so much, that I don’t actually think I’ll ever go back to a cheapy cleanser. Its basically really simple, its just a product that removes makeup, but it makes your skin feel amazing. I use this every morning, and it always makes me feel so much more awake. I also use this in the evening to remove my makeup, and it removes it all so quickly and easily. Some cleansers you really have to scrub at your makeup for hours, but with this one, its really quick. In the gift box I got some added extras and I’m very quickly becoming a huge fan of liz earl.
Pink Grape Fruit Shower Gel
This is the most amazing scent for a shower gel ever. I love having showers in the morning, they always make me feel so much more awake. Especially when you have really zingy shower gel scents. This really lingers on your skin and mum always asks me if I’m using her shower gel, because she can smell it. (Shhh I bought it for her for christmas, so my bank statements would argue it’s technically mine, but don’t tell her that) I have always been a massive fan of the body shop, I really love their body butters, and shower gels, so this isn’t a new product to me, but just a scent I’ve fallen back in love with.

IMG_0242.jpgRimmel Apocalips
This is a really old fave of mine, however I have recently fallen back in love with these. I don’t have many of them, but after rediscovering them I think I really should invest in some more. I always want to wear lip glosses, but I real issues with lipgloss. These aren’t a lipgloss, and they aren’t a lipstick, there almost a cross between the two? I dislike the sticky feeling to wearing lipgloss, but with these its different. This doesn’t leave a sticky texture and they last really well. I Really am a massive fan, and I think these deserve a bit more love.

Okie dokie, so thats all of the products I have been loving throughout January. Can you believe it? February already! This year is going to go so ridiculously fast. I hope you all have a really lovely start to the week, I’ve got loads of blogs planned. Hopefully now I’m back on track for regular blogs (YAY)
Kitty Out xo


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