Don’t Cry Buy A Bag And Get Over It πŸ‘› πŸ‘œ

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Hope your all well! Everyone sticking to their New Years resolutions? I am doing fairly well, made a dentist apointment. That’s a fairly big step for me if I’m honest.

So it’s been a while since Christmas now, so I’ve been hitting the sales like everyone else. I’ve been taking my new bag out with me, it’s been getting used! Everyone’s been complimenting me on it, and asking where I got it. This is kitty’s take on a what’s in my bag.

I have a whole selection of bags. I love them all, and I have different uses for every bag. My everyday bag should always be small, because I’m the type of person who will loose her keys a million times a day πŸ˜‚ This is my riverisland bag that I got for Christmas. I’ve used it for nearly two weeks now, so it’s managed to gather a few different items.

Okay so this is my beautiful bag! It has a long shoulder strap, which I love! It has really beautiful gold details to it.

Chewing gum
Nail kit

I love having this little emergency kit. This was actually bought by a friend of mine, who knows my love for mermaids. I think its perfect, its just the perfect size to fit in every bag!

Emergency kit
Dry Eyes Eye drops
Evian Facical Spray
Blistex relief cream
Headache relief
Strawberry laces wipes
Lip balm
Eyelash glue
Hand Cream
Hand sanitiser – Would usually have my mango one, but I’ve left it in my car

I like to be fairly organised. I like to make sure that if I go out on a fairly clear day that if I get caught out in the rain that I can quickly whip out my umbrella. ( always got an umbrella in my car too) I happen to be the worlds moodiest person when I’m cold, so I also like to make sure I always have gloves around.

I think we should all carry around a little bag full of things we might need. You never know when you’ll need a wipe,Β just like you’ll never know when you’ll need painkillers. I do get fairly serve headaches quiet often, so these are essential. I am also forever injuring myself, I’m so clumsy.Hence why plasters are so important and of course they need to be disney princess.

People reading this may feel this is an extreme amount to be carrying around with me, but these are just everyday things. I think most girls can relate to me. I mean come on, we don’t know when we gonna get sweaty.

My car actually has a lot of the same items. Always have a notebook in my car, cause you never know when you’ll need one. Always handy. Always make sure I have painkillers in there too. I think the items in my bag are important to make sure that your prepared πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ as silly as that sounds, they all come in handy.

I love this bag. I feel like such a grown up with this bag. It’s real leather and I think it’s going to age really well. Super excited to styling this bag. I’m waiting on a new leather jacket from riverisland so I’m looking forward to being able to go out looking all fancy.

Okie dokie! So that’s all from me today. I will be back tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I’m off to work now. Kitty out!xo


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