Happiness Is A Long Hot Bubble Bath 🛁

Good evening guys! Today is Wednesday and I missed Monday, but you did get my barney blog on Sunday which was a long one. My Monday evening was so super crazy and super busy. So I hope you forgive me for missing the first Monday blog of the year.

Anyone who’s been reading my blogs for a while, will know how much I love bath. Always have a bath. Find them so relaxing . Love having a pamper chucking in some bath bombs, or adding loads and loads of bubbles. Todays blog is all about the products I am currently using in the bath. Obviously I don’t use all the products at once, but I do vary between products.

IMG_4461Soap and glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
I am an absolute massive fan of the soap and glory products, I particularly really really like this range of products. This scent is quiet possibly the best scent in the entire world. I love it so much. It smells to me like fizzy cola bottle sweets. I honestly don’t even know why, because I’ve never heard anyone else describe the smell like that, but I really love it! What’s better is the actual results this scrub gives you. You use it and then your laying in bed and the sheets feel like there sliding off you, because your skin feels that silky smooth. Use this as often as I can. Also good at removing fake tan. Which I am always in need of!
Radox Feel Good Fragrance Bath Soak.
You see I use this product as bubbles. I like to use this when the waters running to create bubbles. I don’t even know if it’s meant for bubbles, because I can’t find just an honest ‘bubble bath’ I find bottles of bath soaks and stuff but never ‘buble baths’ so I use this, and it works just as well, it smells really great and it’s fairly relaxing like the product suggests! Get a few candles in there, many some music and I’m set for like half an hour!
Baylis and Harding Bath Creme
This again is like a bubble bath type product, it’s quiet silky smooth as has a really lovely scent. I got this for Christmas as part of a set but I really have enjoyed using these products! I hadn’t ever used anything from this range before so it was really interesting to try something different.
Garner Pure Active 3 in 1. Anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know that I really love my Garnier active face products! They are really inexpensive, and give such fantastic results. I sometimes use this in the bath, as a mask. Put it on and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Makes your skin feel much smoother, and leaves it looking much more radiant. I always use this as a scrub every morning. Always go back to repurchasing this product. I really love the whole range of Garnier Pure Active products. I think they are amazing. Connastntly using this in the bath, while I wait for my conditioner to soak into my hair.

IMG_4460 (1).jpg

Soothing Eye Bright Lotion
This is a really new addition to my bath time routine. I love this. You can use this two ways, you can use it on a cotton wool pad and quickly swipe over the keys for a refresh. You can also use it as a cooling treatment. Soak cotton wool pads, and leave them over the eyes while you relax to 5-10 minutes. It really does work. Makes your eyes look more awake, and helps you feel refreshed. Its a really lovely product. I got this for christmas but I can 100% see me buying this again. Already been on the website to check out how much it is. Loving this! ❤

IMG_4464.jpgUmberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask
I love using this product. I have recently dyed my hair back brunette, because I thought I needed a change. Dying my hair an awful lot this year, means I am only damaging it further, so I really depend on hair treatments. This is super luxurious. This is a fairly new range to me, but I will definitely be going back for more treatments. I leave this in my hair for about 10 minutes before I wash it all out. Makes my hair feel super soft, and really shiny.

Okay so they are all of the products, that I use on a daily basis when I have a bath. I love having my baths because I find them super relaxing. Having a bit of a pamper is just what you need sometimes. These are products I 100% been enjoying recently. Obviously I use normal products like shampoo and conditioner but I’m saving those little beauty for my hair care routine, which you can expect soon. That is all from me today. You can expect me back on Friday for another blog.
Kitty Out xo


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