Christmas Waves A Magic Wand Over The World. Makes Everything Beautiful ❤️🎄

Good evening guys. It’s been a few days! Have you missed me? Aww your too cute! I hope you all had a really good christmas, I hope it was the best one ever. I get super depressed when christmas is over, and things go back to normal. I hate it. At least we still have the new year to see in.

I hope you all got spoilt rotten this christmas. What did everyone get? I was a pretty lucky girly this christmas. This blog is all about the gifts I got this christmas. I’m not bragging, I just find these blogs really interesting.  So I got a few bits and pieces, so I’m just going to get straight into it.

Lemon and Lavender Yankee Candle
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a good candle. This isn’t a scent that I would usually go for, but its actually amazing. It’s so sweet and yum. I know lavenders a really relaxing scent and everyone tells me it helps sends you off to sleep. So I will be looking forward to trying this out soon.

Riverisland Bag
I love river island, probably one of my all time fave shops. This bag is beautiful. It’s a really grown up type bag. Real leather, pretty gold studs all the way around. I love bags with a shoulder strap. You can expect to see a whats in my bag very shortly I’m sure.

IMG_3839.JPGPaperchase Dairy
Love paperchase, really love their entire range of products, but what I really liked is this diary. I was going on and on about how much I liked this dairy, and my bestie surprised me with it. Was over the moon. I always like to have a diary. Want to keep myself organised. Thank you Abbie! One of my faves.

Compact Tangle Teetzer
I am a massive tangle teezer fan. That sounds so stupid, but these are literally the best hair brushes. I love them. I have really thick hair and its pretty long too, so these are really good at getting through all the knots. I am currently a fading redhead, but that will be changing very soon. These compact sizes are so handy to have in your bag.

Liz Earl
I have never ever used Liz Earl. I have always wanted too, I get so super excited by new skincare. This is a luxury skincare brand for me, its super expensive so its something I couldn’t justify buying myself, but I was so happy when I opened this. I can’t wait to get using this. Everyone raves about this. Expect a review soon.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad
This is one of the most amazing eyeshadow palettes ever.It’s called ‘The Vintage Vamp’ I used this christmas day, I used this boxing day, I will use this everyday. I love this so much. Its got beautiful colours in it, and they are all so shimmery and pretty. The pink shimmery shade is especially beautiful. I just can not get enough of this palette. Very happy with this.

IMG_3858Air freshener pack
Love having a new airfreshner in my car. Makes it smell really sweet whenever you go in. These are really cool scents. They smell like sweeties🍭 I can’t wait to put these in my car. This is such a good present idea, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Soap and glory
If you know me, then you will know that I am absolutely obsessed, with the soap and glory’s sugar crush products. This is a perfect present for me, because it has other products and other scents for me to try. I ❤️ this. Look at that packaging. That sliver lid is beautiful.

IMG_3853.JPGMermaid mug
Me and my friend quiet traditionally get each other mugs for christmas, this is amazing. I love mermaids, and I love the mug. I think its the perfect height to stand your lipsticks up in. Really love this. This you can expect to see sitting on my dressing table holding my everyday lipsticks. Love this so much.

IMG_3837.JPGGingerbreadman Plate & Pen
Throughout my 24 blogs, I was constantly getting obsessed with gingerbread men. I love them so much. They are so super christmasy, and so yummy to eat. I was so happy when I opened this present. Me and my friend a few weeks ago were in paperchase and I was really looking at this plate, because I wanted to buy it, and I couldn’t afford it, good thing too, because this present had already been bought for me. I’m a lucky girl.She also got me a gingerbread man pen she really knows how to spoil me. Unfortunately I don’t have the gingerbread man, because I have left it at work, will defo show you guys one day.

IMG_3822.JPGGingerbread Man
ITS HUGE. This is the gingerbread man my brother got me. It’s bigger than my head. It’s from john lewis and I saw it last year and wanted it so much, so when my brother got his girlfriend one, I was so jealous. Then opening my presents christmas morning, he sprung this on me. Its amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to eat this. It’s too pretty.

IMG_3819.JPGStrawberry Umbrella
I saw a strawberry in tiger a few weeks back, and always regretted not buying it. I got this for christmas from my mum. Everyone knows I have an obsession with fruit things. Love this so much. When its raining I’ll have a giant strawberry to cover me from the rain. I can’t wait for some rain now.

IMG_3856.JPGGirls Night In
This was a cute little wine set, with a glass and some chocolates. I’m not a massive drinker so this cute little bottle is the perfect size for me. I love gifts like this. It’s so cute. I Look forward to drinking this tomorrow evening, and munching on these chocolates before major diet kicks in.

Nars Blush Palette
Oh my gosh! This is the most beautiful piece of makeup I own. This is perfect! I have never been so thrilled with a present. I have always wanted some Nars makeup, but I’m too cheap. This present was from my parents. Loved this so much! It was perfect. This is the One Shocking Moment palette, holiday collection 2015! You can all expect some makeup looks using these products!!

Okay so these are all of my main presents! I got a few other little bits and pieces, but they a bit more personal. I know christmas isn’t all about giving, and I’m not showing off, these are just some of my favourite type of blog and videos. Really love being nosey.  It was really lovely having a bit of a break from blogs recently. I had a really lovely christmas, I really hope you all did too. I will be back tomorrow. Have a brilliant last day of 2015.

Sleep well! 😴 Kitty Out xo


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