Happiness Is Returning To Bed After A Long Day

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! God these last 23 days have flown by. I can’t thank you all enough for managing to stick with me and I am so pleased that you all kept reading and that I have gained so many followers from doing this. So I want to thank you all for keeping ย with me.

I had the day off today, so I hit the shops! Bought a few last bits and pieces. Tonights blog is going to be my evening routine blog. I have never done a routine blog before, but I have always wanted to do a one. This is going to be a festive version. With it being so close to christmas I wanna fake tan, I wanna do a hair mask, paint my nails, and then lastly I am going to put on a christmas film and do some wrapping of some pressies!!


First things first a bath.I love having a bath. I really love a pamper. I love showers as well, but love having showers in the morning, and baths at night. Can really relax in the bath. I have a load of different products that I use in the bath. As Its christmas I’ve also added christmassy candles.

IMG_4057 (1)IMG_4060

Add a festive hat, to make it a festive bathย ๐ŸŽ„

After the bath the very next thing I did was to fake tan. Gotta get rid a tan ready for santa. I am using my all time faverouite fake tanner.
Next thing I did was to make sure that my uniform was out and ready for the morning. I really like to be organised, and the fact I get my uniform out the night before, may seem like something a child would do, before school, but it stops having to rush around in the morning, and it gives me an extra 15 minutes in bed.


Love the Garner Ambre Solaire! Always been my Number 1 self tanner. Of course you all know my love of the Bodyshop Mojito Body butter! Movie and wrapping christmas presents. Because I have bought so many presents, I have had to go out and buy some more wrapping paper. My mum bought me elf the other day so I’m going to watch elf while I wrap.

Okay so two hours later, presents wrapped and movie finished nails painted. Last proper thing I do is do my end of the night of the night face wash, brush my teeth and get ready for bed!



Been loving these 3 products at the moment!

Okay so thats all from me tonight! Last blog tomorrow morning! I hope tonights blog isn’t that awful. Everything got too much with wrapping presents. I have so many presents to wrap its sending me bonkers!! DAY 24 TOMORROW!!!! have a good christmas eve tomorrow! I will of course be back tomorrow for one final christmas blog! Love to you all! Kitty Out xo



3 thoughts on “Happiness Is Returning To Bed After A Long Day

    1. omg I love this! I am the worst person with fake tan, I always end up streaky, but not when I use this! Its amazing! defo recommend it! Just make sure you moisturise first, and spray the tan from a little distance ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


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