Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal 🎄

DAY 22! ITS DAY 22! YAY! Can you believe christmas is on Friday!? It’s incredible! Everything is just getting so festive! We’ve done the christmas shopping, bought the turkey. Got the traditional stuff, now we are all just getting everything last minute done! Today I have spent the day, shopping, baking and then I started wrapping my presents. Tonight is mine and my best friends gift exchange night.  Traditionally we meet up swap gifts, but tonight we went all out.

What did we do? So I went to Tesco last night after work, and I picked up a few of our fave treats, then we ordered in a takeaway! DOMINOS. YAY! So I thought I would show you everything! See how we party, CABBIE STYLE!

Before she even got to my house, of course I had to wrap her pressies. I will give you a sneak peak as to what I’ve bought her. She’s seen them all now so don’t worry it wont spoil the surprise. I wanted to get Abbie a few really nice bits and pieces. She got me some really lovely things as well, but you will have to wait till the 28th to see what she’s got me. 🙂


Some of the treats featured in this blog will be from Tesco. Some will be from Sainsbury’s! Okay so first thing for tonights blog is to clean and get my room super christmassy! Now my room is already really christmassy at the moment, but I’m talking candles, fairy lights on, all the cute cosy stuff girls my age are into 🙂



Next on the list is to create an Instagram style worthy tray of snacks. I went to Tesco and managed to find loads of really cute snacks. I bought all of our faves. Of course the walkers spicy mix up’s were top of the list. Tesco had these cute little jelly bean bites! Everyone knows I love a jelly bean.


Okay so next was ordering the pizza. Our typical order of Texas bbq. Thanks dominos. Whilst we ate, we of course caught up on the christams Eastenders. Loving the Stacey storyline at the moment.


After eating dinner and watching Eastenders, we swapped pressies!!!!! IMG_4035

 We then watched Home Alone 2 and now we are currently sat on my floor and Abbie is watching me write this 😂 Barney is chilling behind me.


Barn Barn even got his own card! He was super happy with it.

I really enjoyed tonight. I was really looking forward to it. I’m very lucky to have Abbie as a friend, and we have such good times. I am so stuffed now. I haven’t eaten so much in ages. I’m going to head off to bed now. Merry Christmas my buddy! Tomorrow will be christmas eve, eve. Can’t wait for the big day to be here.

I had such a nice day tomorrow. Make sure to be back tomorrow, for tomorrows blog!! ❤ Night all! ❤ Kitty out!


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