I Like My Money Where I can See It. In My Wardrobe

Good evening my dear friends! Tonights blog, is a completely different style of blog. Slightly fashion related. You all know me to be very honest. I’ll write when I’m happy and I’ll write when I’m sad. I am a very self conscious person, and in November I went to Centre Parcs, and for the first proper time I wore a bikini. In public. In front of people. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. Whilst we were away my photographer friend and I decided it would be a great chance to take some photographs. I am bigger than I would like to be so sometimes when I look at pictures I cringe, and only pick out the bad bits. Like oh my shoulders look massive, or look at them legs, but I am learning a new approach which is trying to focus on the positives. I hope you can find my positives too.

Looking back through all of my pictures, it seems that this autumn I have lived in jumpers. Comfy, cosy and super flattering. I’ve been saving this blog for one of my 24 BLOGS! I’m pretty individual when it comes to fashion. I am very particular. I know what I like. These are the fashions I have been wearing this winter. As I previously said, I have been loving jumpers a lot, and I am always super fond of stripes. I also really like wearing white when I have a tan. Don’t ask. 😂

The clothes featured in this blog are from three shops. Primark, River Island and Boohoo. I love these  shops, because you can always count on them to have something nice in store. I don’t think I ever come out of either store without actually buying something.

Primark is a tad more affordable, but I mean river island isn’t exactly designer. Shopping at River island isn’t going to exactly break the bank. I am the type of person who really needs to feel comfortable in clothes. Because I am really self conscious, I find it difficult to feel confident in outfits. These outfits were my faves because I felt able to walk around and feel good about them. Boohoo is an amazing online store. The gingerbread man dress featured in this blog was only £15. It’s amazing! Bloody love it.IMG_3194IMG_3205IMG_3206IMG_3196 (1)IMG_3197 (1)IMG_3196IMG_2966IMG_1515IMG_2718IMG_1310

Okay so as you can see I was really loving the mustard colour this autumn. I really loved it against the red hair. I have also been loving roll necks. I have been buying a lot more roll neck tops, not just jumpers. So cosy and practical.


This white top was from river island. I am really loving monochrome this year, and I really wanted a few nicer tops to go out in. This is a great top because it can be dressed up and it can be dressed down.I think this top was £32 from River Island. You could wear this for  any occasion. The white and black stripy tops featured in this blog are both from Primark. Sticking to the monochrome theme. I really like wearing stripy tops, because I think they are really flattering. I remember a lady said to me once, that horizontal stripes don’t suite bigger people, but I completely disagree!

I don’t wear jeans, or trousers so I do often end up wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. Over the year I probably have bought a load of dresses. My fave dress I have ever bought is the gingerbread man dress. I love it so much. It’s so me. I will be wearing this christmas day I am sure! Gotta love boohoo ❤

Festive jumper, stripy jumper, mustard jumper and roll neck jumper. Would you believe I have even more jumpers. I just think they are so comfortable. Basically I live in black skirts all year round, so I style my jumpers, with a short black mini skirt, some big clumpy boots and then always a bag. Usually with a leather jacket or coat of some description. Notice how my bestie sneaked in for a sneaky selfie there? She’s loving the mustard coloured jumpers too. She really suites them. If you read till the end, I will link her blog and website below. Need to check her out.

I want to work on my confidence next year, and one of the ways I am going to do that is buy trying to start to wear jeans more. This really has been a really different style of blog for me. I have really enjoyed my take on ‘Blogmas’! I know I’ve said that a lot, but I really have.  I have managed to branch out and blog about different things. Although I class myself as a beauty blogger, I have other interests too.

Okay so thats all from me. I didn’t expect this blog to the the length it has turned out to be. I don’t consider myself to know a lot about fashion, because I really do my own thing with fashion. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. I will be back tomorrow with day 22! Tomorrows blog is actually a really super exciting blog! I can’t wait! Got a super exciting and busy day planned tomorrow!

If you want to check out my friend Abbie’s blog she does a lifestyle and beauty type blog, which is really good fun to read. I know I’m slightly biased, but I do really love reading it. She defo deserves more followers. She also has a fantastic photography website. Make sure you give that a look, because she really does take some amazing photographs.
Life style and beauty blog: https://lovefromabbie.wordpress.com
Photography: http://abbiewyattphotography.com

Okay so I will be back tomorrow! Night guys! Kitty out! xo
PS remember a different coloured lipstick can change an entire outfit.


5 thoughts on “I Like My Money Where I can See It. In My Wardrobe

  1. Girl, you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Horizontal stripes are my favorite and I’m wearing a striped shirt right now haha Also, sweaters are the best part of the winter! Love the way you write, will be reading you. 😉
    Have a great day! x


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