I Simply Remember My Favourite Things And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad <3

Good evening my friends! How are you all?  Happy Thursday! Day 17 everyone! Today is very much a makeup blog! And it’s all the makeup products I have been loving throughout the year. I can see this being a pretty long blog, so I’m going to dive straight in. 🏊🏻


B. Rescued, Energising Balm
Okay so this product has been a fave ever since my birthday! I got this as a pressies and its honestly one of the nicest products I have ever used. I love this. Makes my skin look so much nicer than the real deal. Use this everyday.

Rimmel, Lasting Finish Foundation
This has been a staple this year. Especially throughout autumn. I am a massive fan of the Rimmel foundations. My all time fave foundation is the Wake Me Up foundation, and this is a close second.

Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is a firm fave. Always in constant use. I use this everyday without fail, this must probably be my 40th tube 😂 I use this in my makeup kit too, and everyone loves it. I won’t go on about this product too much because everyone raves about it. Check it out!

Bourjois, Maxi Delight, Bronzer
I have had this bronzer for years, and I have never really paid it much attention to it, but this year, this has been loved. I use it everyday, it just gives the nicest, natural glow to the skin, especially when you have a tan.

Sleek, Highlighting Palette, Solstice
Cant go on about this product too much, because obviously anyone who is paying attention to my blog will know that I am in LOVE with this product, but its just amazing. Cant get enough of it. I love all the different highlighting shades I just think its perfect.

MAC, Powder Blush , Well Dressed
I am surprised at myself for only having one MAC blush. I need to invest in some more, because honestly I love this so much. Such a stunning colour. It’s really wearable, and just adds a nice bit of colour.

Maybelline, The Nudes Palette
I love this. I love this so much. I think you can add  so much drama and just really easily exaggerate the eye! This is my go to every day palette. This has been in constant use all year round I just love it.

L’oreal, La Palette Smoky
This is a new addition to my L’oreal collection! I honestly love it so much, its actually my fave new purchase. It has some really interesting colours, and I have been able to create some really cool looks.

L’oreal, Color Riche Nude, Rose
This is without a doubt my most used eyeshadows. I use almost everyday! I love them so much. They are so beautiful, and it literally comes with every colour and shade you could ever want. Has a really nice highlight shade as well. Perfect for under the brow bone

Rollerlash, Mascara
All time fave mascara ever. I will still continue to try new mascara’s but this so far is the ultimate one. Love this. Gives you the thickest, darkest, fullest lashes ever.

Colossal, Go Extreme, Volume (waterproof)
This is my new fave waterproof mascara. I don’t own any, apart from this one, but reason being I didn’t like them, so I chucked out all the waterproof ones. This mascara is really brilliant, and stays on all day, and although its waterproof it actually comes off really easily.

Sleek Brow Kit, Light
I love this. Its so such a simple product, and yet I am literally lost without it. I use this everyday without fail, a couple weeks ago I left this in my bag which I left in my mums car, and I had to use a crappy old pencil again, and it just wasn’t the same. I use the creamy side and the powder, both are brilliant.

L’oreal, Superliner, Ultra Precision, Eyeliner
I couldn’t recommend a better eyeliner. This is perfect. Honestly I know a lot of people find winged eyeliner really tricky, but this is the most simple, most amazing eyeliner. Makes winged eyeliner so easy and super quick.

Rimmel, Lip Linner, Lasting finish
Really been loving lip linners this year. There something I didn’t often think about, but I think they make the lips look amazing. So full and if you have a small top lip (like myself) then this makes them really stand out.

Rimmel, Kate Moss, Nudes 40
Massive fan of Rimmel. Massive fan of Rimmel lipsticks. I love them all, but this shade has to be my new fave. Just a really wearable everyday shade, that lasts. As much as I love my bright red’s and dark purple shades, I wear a nude colour on an everyday basis.

L’oreal, Color Riche Lipsticks
Love these lipsticks. I think these are amazing. Especially when using a lip liner first. The red colour is my current fave red shade. Its stunning, I always get compliments when I wear it. I have L’oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks in my kit, and everyone always picks them.

Charlotte Tilbury, Glastonberry
This was a fave last year, and it continues to be my fave lipstick. I use this so much, and it barely looks used. It’s really meant to last. I just love Charlotte Tilbury, I wish I could spend my entire payslip in there.

Okie dokie, So they are all the makeup products that I have been loving through 2015! God I told you it would be a long one. I did owe you a bit of a longer one, after yesterdays pathetic attempt at a blog 😂 Hope you are all nearly finished your christmas shopping. I am off to bed now guys, So I hope you liked this blog, and I will be back tomorrow ❤ Day 18 Comming at ya! Kitty Out xo


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