Behind Beautiful Eyes Lay Secrets

Well hello there my friends. Happy Day 16!  We are well and truly into the festive spirit now. Today I was cleaning out my makeup draw, and I was admiring my lashes! I thought with it being the party season, I would talk quickly about lashes!


 I love wearing fake lashes because they add drama to any look. Drama might not even be the word. I just like them because they make your eyes look more open. They just are really pretty.

I have been building a selection of lashes, and this is the perfect time of year. Some are a bit more everyday lashes, and some are really full dark, thick lashes.

I really like the Eylure eyelash company. I also really like the single lashes. They are super easy to wear during the day! One tip for wearing false eyelashes is to keep a small eyelash glue in your back just in case. I usually use the duo eyelash glue, and use the mini glues you get in the pack to keep in my bag. You know for any moustache issues. 😂

Some of the everyday looks, and then some of the more going out looks! Applying eyelashes is actually tricky at first, and they may need some getting used too. Even now.  You know you’ve mastered the eyelash application when you can apply in a moving car 😂

I sometimes apply the glue to the back of my hand, and then run the edge of the lashes through the glue. Make sure to wait about thirty seconds to wait for the glue to get tacky.I always find using tweezers gets the lashes, closer to the lash line!

So thats all from me today! I am so sorry that today is a really short blog! Just feeling a bit pathetic today, and not really myself! Going to get a good night sleep and hopefully sort myself out! ❤ night night all! Kitty Out xo


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