Door Bells And Sleigh Bells and Schnitzel With Noodles

Day 15! I have just realised that I have managed to keep this up for over two weeks! Im fairly impressed with that. Todays blog is going to be my faves over the whole year. So although I usually do a monthly faves, this will be slightly different! It’s going to be a mix of everything I have been loving this year. I’m talking TV, films, Food! The lot. So as you can imagine, there is quiet a few things I have bene loving this year, so I am going to get straight into this blog.

All of my beauty faves have been saved for a separate blog! ❤ Look forward to that tomorrow!!!! ❤

So next I think should be my TV faves this year! Well this year has been a really great year for TV. Theres some TV which I watch all year round, but I’m talking about the small little BBC dramas and things! Going to do a top 3.

1.Doctor Foster
This was such a good TV series. I am so pleased they are considering doing another series. It really had me hooked! Not only me, pretty much everyone I knew was watching this! Excellent TV. BBC do great drama’s.

2. Ordinary Lies
OMG I loved this. This was a TV series on BBC, and each episode was about another characters problems. It was so good! Had me hooked for the entire series! It had Jo Joyner in it, and I think she is just fantastic at everything she does! Honestly if you haven’t seen this, then make sure you catch it, if its ever repeated!

3.Mr Selfridge
I love Mr Selfridge! I think its brilliant TV.Been watching it since the first series, and I thought it was just fantastic.  I am so happy that there will be a fourth series next year! I can not wait. I think the first two series are on Netflix, if anyone wants to catch up!

Next category is Music! Now I am a massive fan of a lot of different types of music! So I have a wide selection of different styles of music on my phone! I’m going to do music, by album!

1.Selena Gomez – Revival
This is such a good album! It was one of those kind of albums, where you can listen to every song and love them all instantly! My fave song on the album, is probably camouflage! Such a variety of different styles of music on the album! Really good!

2. Justin Bieber – Purpose
Oh wow! This is a good album. Currently in my car at the moment. So good. Love every song! It’s slightly annoying because my CD in the car was scratched even from when I first opened the wrapping. Do love the album though! Singing along all the time.

3. Demi Lovato – Confident
I love this album. There are some really good songs on that album, and there are so many songs that I personally can relate too. I really love all of the Demi Lovato albums. The song father is stunning. ❤

Now onto movies. I love watching movies, and this year we have seen some brilliant movies. ❤ Again top 3

1. Cinderella
I love this film! We saw this in the cinema and when I told my mum, she thought I was crazy. It was honestly such a beautiful film. Sort of makes you want to live in a fairytale! Me and my friend had a movie date, the day it came out.

2. Mockingjay Part 2
I am the biggest Hunger Games fan ever. I loved all the films, and I loved all the books. (fun fact, I didn’t even wanna go see the film, but went because all of my friends were going. Ended up loving it and went out and book all the books the next day) I loved all the other films, and I wont lie, film 4 was not my fave, but it was still such a good film. Love love loved it! ❤

3.We Are Your Friends
I really really loved this film. I thought it was so good. I left the cinema like omg, I really loved it! ❤ Defo can’t wait for this to come out on DVD! Plus this had Zac Efron in it, and he is pretty hot! 😻 Btw this was a top position. It was either this film or 5O shades, and this is easier to explain.

Food faves. Everyone experiments with flavours and things. And this year I have discovered new foods, that I love! Just going to jump right in.

1.Salted caramel! ❤
OMG this stuff is amazing. The smell. The taste. Sort of makes your mouth water at the thought of it. Mr Kipling did the most amazing little slices. So delicious! They weren’t salted caramel, but they were caramel slices, and they tasted amazing.

2. Gingerbread
Gingerbread this year has been a fave! Not only do I love gingerbread accessories and decorations, I love the whole lot! Recently been trying anything gingerbread and honestly there are some of the most amazing gingerbread recipes. Loving life.

3. Hoisin Duck flavour crisps
OMG THESE ARE AMAZING! I love Chinese food. I think it’s my fave type of takeaway. Love it so much. These crisps, are the best thing that Tesco’s sell! Omg get your bum down there, because these are so tasty. Part of the Tesco Finest range ❤

Last but not least Shops. Want to talk about the shops that I have been really loving this year. ❤ Love shopping, and I love payday, but they don’t love me. 😂

1. River Island
I love this shop! Honestly, I could litreally spend my entire months pay in here, and I wouldn’t even care 😂 Some of the things are slightly more expensive, than other shops, but I think there clothes are stunning! They do such nice tops, and some really nice skirts. Everything honestly is lovely ❤

2. Primark
I think everyone loves Primark! Even you snobby people out there, you have all found a really decent buy in Primark. Pretty much my daily entire outfits are just Primark, and I love them. Some of the stuff I will admit are a big tatty, and when you buy a pair of shoe’s you are always aware, that they probably wont last forever, but they are really decent for price, and some of us are on a budget. ❤ Love Primark! ❤

This is another shop I have been loving this year. I think sometimes you can find some really nice things in H&M! They have a total variety of different styles and different prices. Some of the clothing is actually really decently priced. They also do some of the best bags, I have ever used. ❤ Really impressed with H&M this year. ❤

Okie dokie! Well that was a long blog wasn’t it.  I really like reading blogs like this. Totally ready for bed now.  Tomorrow is day 16. Hopefully makeup faves throughout the year tomorrow ❤  I am off to sleep now, Hope you enjoyed this super long blog, comment if you made it to the end! 😂

Thats all from me today guys! Night Night! Kitty Out xo ❤


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