We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments

Good evening all, happy 14th December!! How is everyone? Good I’m glad your all well ☺️ (I’m assuming) Has anyone else realised that christmas day is next week?  exciting!!! Today I was going through my iCloud and was looking at all the pictures from this year! I then realised using some of these pictures would make a really cool blog!

I love looking through memories! It makes me feel all warm and cosy inside!When your feeling down, it’s a really good way to remind yourself that there are good times!

The photos below are all going to be a selection of photographs, they are all photos that I love, or make me laugh or feel proud! It may seem like a short blogpost, but I think its so much fun!

If you look at some of the photo’s you can see that I have no problem laughing at myself! I love having a laugh! Sometimes you don’t have to do anything major! Sometimes the best memories are the simple things! 2015 has been a year of changes, but all changes have been for the better! I am so happy at the moment, life just seems to be going in the right direction! Loving life! ❤ So many photos! So many hair colors! Blonde, yellow, straw, brown and my all time fave colour, the redhead! ❤

Now then, anyone reading last nights blog will know, that tonights blog was meant to be a makeup blog, however after looking through my photo’s I thought this would be so cool.

Okay so that is all from me today, however I will be back tomorrow evening, with the makeup blog, that I wanted to put up today! ❤ Kitty out! xo


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