Do More Of What Makes You Happy ☺️

Hello everyone! Todays blog will be a very late one, so I do apologise! I’ve left it late tonight! Had my works christmas party! Really good evening!

I basically wanted to talk a bit about new years resolutions! I don’t want to be one of those ‘new year, new me’ kinda people! But in the new year, I do need to make some healthier choices! I need to make some changes to make me happier and healthier and I want to pursue a different lifestyle! This time I’m going to keep my resolutions short and sweet. Too many and things get confusing, but I think keeping just 5 resolutions is a good start! Think about, every resolution you complete, you can add another!

  1. Visit the dentist. This is resolution number one! I am terrifed of the dentist and have put it off for well over a year now! When I last left the dentist I needed some work done, but I was too scared to go back, so now as you can imagine a year and a half later, the damage and pain has got a lot worse! Visiting the dentist never used to scare me, until last trip there! So dentist is a must!
  2.  I would like to live a healthier lifestyle! By that I simply mean, just eat more balanced foods, and also to experiment with foods! Anyone who knows me, knows how fussy I am about foods! So I would like to try and be more adventurous and try new things. This will also be followed by more exercise! Just simple changes! No drastic diet, just simple healthier choices!
  3. Tattoo! Next year I would really like to get a tattoo! I would really like a sunflower, or a quote! I don’t know where I would like them! But I think I just need to bite the bullet and go for it! I’m not scared of the tattoo itself, I’m more scared of the tattoo shop! I can imagine it to be a very intimidating place!
  4. Take makeup more seriously! So you know I love makeup! I love blogging about makeup! I love the whole lot, but next year I would really, really love to do a course in makeup artistry. Or even a job on a makeup counter working with some incredible talents. I just want to take makeup more seriously. Take a different path!
  5. This one is probably the oddest resolution ever! I would like to cut out fizzy drinks as much as possible. I am a big fan of fizzy drinks, but recently I have started to notice, it’s all I ever drink. Even though I only ever really have the diet fizz, it still has sugars in it. Lets face it, probably isn’t helping the bad teeth situation. I’m not going to say I’m going to cut them out completely, but I will cut back! I will save the fizz for when I’m out for a meal or out with friends or something! I will be drinking much more water at home and at work!

Last picture is the bruise the dentist left me with last time

Okay guys! So I will admit that this is an odd blog! I get it! But I do want to do all of these things! Also it goes without saying that everyone should strive in life to make other people happy! Making others happy in return makes you happy, and thats what we should all be! So although its not technically one of my resolutions, I will of course try to make people smile more!

We should always try to make someone happy everyday! Even just a cute little text could cheer someone up! Try it!!!! Now then its 5 to 12! So this needs to get online! So again back tomorrow, with a proper makeupy blog tomorrow! Happy 13th December! Bring on Day 14!!! Thats it for tonight! Kitty Out!x


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