May Your Holidays Be Beautiful And Bright πŸŽ„

Hello world. Would you believe it is day 12? It’s crazy how fast the weeks are going! Nearly two whole weeks into December? And nearly two whole weeks worth of blogs! Its very exciting! Last night I took it upon myself to decorate the house and get the tree up!

This is the time of year where my bedroom turns into winter wonderland! I love christmas candles, fairy lights, christmas everything! Over the years of working at a Garden centre I have managed to pick up a few really lovely bits and pieces. I have bought a few new bits this year!

This my friends, is my festive room tour. I will list where you can find things at the bottom of this blog! However, some of the things in my room tour, will be from last year, so I do apologise.


This is the overall look of my bedroom. Very festive! lots going on!


This is the other corner of my room!πŸŽ„

The next item was this beautiful snow globe from sainsburys! This was again a last year purchase, but I have seen similar snow globes in there this year!

These cushions are perfect to make any room festive! The Merry Christmas one was a new addition from Sainsburys! The gingerbread cushion was from Dunelm last year! Still love it! The sparkly reindeer one was from Primark this year! I got the last one the watford store had left! Dead impressed!

The gingerbread bag, is from Paperchase, and its full of Hero’s! I also have a small christmas tree from Paperchase, but its not decorated yet! The christmas fairy lights are also an addition from Paperchase!

The christmas sign decoration that is on my draws, is again from the Wyevale Garden Centre. Love it very much! Very cute! Very festive! The decorated tree is also from Wyevale. The tree is an addition from last year, but is beautiful! They do similar trees again this year!Β Have yourself a very merry little christmas sign, is from last year. It was a very vintage kinda feel to it. I really love it. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it around this year. This was from the Wyevale Garden Centres.

All the windowsill additions are also from Wyevale! They are all from last year, apart from the little deer, and the tall glass christmas tree! These are stunningly beautiful decorations! The christmas hanging decoration by my window, is also from the garden centre! It’s lovely!Β πŸŽ„

The candles are amazing! They are from the individual companies, but they are all so amazing! They small fantastic! The larger one is from Yankee Candle company and the small gingerbread one is from Wax Lyrical England.

The bedding and the blanket on the tub chair in the corner is from Primark! ❀ Do love love love the christmas stock from Primark! So many lovely things from there!

That is it! My bedroom turns into Christmas Land come December! I love it! I have never ever done a room haul before! I don’t have the biggest room in the world, but I do really really love it! My room is really really super cosy! Its comfortable and its just my happy place to be!Β πŸŽ„

That’s all from todays blog, but do remember I will be back tomorrow, with another blog! Exciting stuff am I right! I have had the best day today, with my cousins! It’s a real shame that I live so far away from all of my family! Very upsetting! But Next year defo want to make sure I’m seeing my family more regularly!

Thats all from today pals! ❀ Kitty Out xo


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