That Feeling, When You Cut The Wrapping Paper, And The Scissors Start To Glide


Day 10!!! Okay so I’ve finished the majority of all of my christmas shopping now! So I have been a very busy elf, and now all I have to do is wrap it all! I love wrapping presents! I stick on a christmas movie, and settle down with a hot chocolate and get wrapping!
I strangely enough take pride in my wrapping and omg this year was no different! I thought I would show you all the little bits and pieces I have bought recently!!
So the wrapping paper is actually from marks and spencer! I always turn to marks and spencer wrapping paper every christmas. Good quality, which sounds stupid, but it doesn’t rip? I always get their packs of 3! They come with cute pieces of string and additional bits!
My christmas cards this year, are from paperchase, I really love all of their collection this year. So the christmas cards were part of the 3 for 2 range! They are part of the charity christmas cards. I think they were 3 pounds, and they each come with 10 cards.
Next I bought this amazing gingerbread gift bag, however I’m not using this as a gift bag! I don’t know what I’m going to do with this yet, but it will be displayed somewhere! Might put some chocolates in it.
The next two products, I bought go together! I love wrapping my presents in red ribbon! Nothing says christmas like red ribbon! So I got 2 ribbons, Ones a velvet wide red ribbon, and the other is a shorter silky ribbon. SO CHRISTMASSY!
I then got these super cool, present stickers! I picked these up in the store and thought they were cool, and I nearly put them back, until I saw they did gingerbread man stickers! Mind was made up! In the basket they went!
I then got some gift tags! Again of course, gingerbread men would be involved! Love a gingerbread man! I also got some plain brown gift tags with a small christmas tree decoration. Love these!
Okay so this is my giftware type haul! I love paperchase, I’m slightly obsessed at the moment! Thats all from today! Day 10 is over. Bring on day 11!!

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