I Told You I Will Be Ready In Five Minutes, Stop Calling me

DAY 9!!!! Yay! Can’t believe I’ve managed to keep this up!!! December is apparently a pretty busy month for me. I think December is without a doubt my absolute favourite time of the year. I mean who couldn’t love the colours outside at the moment. Todays blog is my take on a get ready with me. Just going to get into it. All products and clothes will all be listed somewhere. Tonight is a late one, because I wont lie, I completely forgot😂


STEP 1. Pamper. I am the girlest girly girl there is. (Think I made up a word there) I love to pamper myself, I’m talking face masks, nose strips, nails…THE LOT. So before a night out, I often spend time getting my pamper on. Might even use a coffee face mask (see previous blog for details on that) So before anything makeup or hair related starts, I will probably have a bath or shower, get freshened up. Next Comes nails (Couldn’t possibly expect me to go out without nail varnish).

2.Hair. Hair is fairly important step for me. My natural hair is anything from really curly to a big wavy mess. Ridiculous. I need to sort my hair out daily, and usually some heated tools are involved. Maybe its curling tongs or straighten tools, heat will be applied. I like to get my hair out the way first, so that my makeup is almost the very last thing I do, So it looks better for longer. Obviously finish with a good hairspray to hold.

3. Makeup. Best part, obviously. Nights out often involve a good 15 minute face of makeup. I love to experiment with makeup and when I go out I feel its more appropriate to exaggerate with colours and styles. Maybe a big dramatic eye, or a really really bright lip. Nights out often involve false lashes too.YAY.


4. Dress. Tonights dress is an absolutely beautiful dress from river island. Still in store. It’s a short, very sparkly dress. It’s lovely! I’m going to pair it with an old pair of my fave heels. These are from newlook, probably about 3 years ago, but they are a trusted fave! Not even that uncomfy!

5. Essentials and finishing touches. Finishing touches always involves my VO5 backcombing spray. Add a little omph and volume to the hair. Give it a good scrunch and your hair is good to go. Add any jewellery. Tonights necklace is a very cheapy one from primark, but I think it’s beautiful. Touch of blue to the outfit. and my rings are again from Primark. (I mean who doesn’t love primark) Add the lipstick your wearing into your bag, for touchups, and maybe some eyelash glue…in case.  Maybe a perfume? Wanna smell good.


Okie dokie, well thats my blog over and done. So yeah. Haven’t ever done a blog like this before, its a big different but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I will be back soon. Kitty Out.xo


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