You’re A Crayon, I’m A Hightlighter, You may color the world,But I make it brighter

ITS DAY 8 EVERYONE? Is everyone enjoying there advent chocolates? I’m not going to lie, mum said she wouldn’t buy us advents anymore, so I took it upon myself to buy me and my Jamie some advent calendars. Don’t worry, Barney wasn’t forgotten. He got his own personal doggy calender.  He’s spoilt rotten. Sorry this is a super late blogpost, been working and shopping all day!! 🙂

This is a brand new style of blog for me. I have never focused a blog on just one particular product, but this product can not be ignored. Perhaps a short blog, but remember guys, I’m trying to come up with 24 blog ideas for the festive season.
I am a massive, MASSIVE fan of skin highlighters. I love the MAC minerlize skin finish, especially in the colour soft and gentle, but see I’ve found a new product. For less than half the price. This is the new Highlighting Palette, Solstice, from Sleek. It comes with four beautiful shades. I am absolutely in love. Admittedly you do have to be very careful, when applying highlighter. Too much and you’ll look like Edward Cullen.
The palette comes with four different shades. 3 are powder highlighters, and then theres a cream based colour as well. Sleek are known for fantastic pigmentation with their eyeshadows, and blushes, and it’s the exact for these highlighting shades.
I take a small bit of colour, and run it under the brow bone, and in a C shape around my temple, and on top of the cheek bone.  Perfect to add a bit of glitz and glamour to any christmas party look.  Recommend this to any beauty lover.
Remember when using g a highlighter, you need very soft movements. If you highlight everything, you end up highlighting nothing. Make your skin standout.
Thats all from me today, but back tomorrow with DAY 9! Kitty Out! xo

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