Make Every Day The Best Day 💕

DAY 7! it’s a big one! Today I thought I would take a quick look back, at 2015! Every year seems to go quicker and quicker! I am well aware that I’m not old, but I do feel I’m growing up very quickly! 2015 has been a good year! Its been a year of changes!
Started the year off really well, with passing my driving test at the end of January. My god how different life is now I can drive! Life is just so much simpler. I need to go out, hop in the car and do so. I don’t remember life before I could drive! Confidence comes with driving. I think driving forces you to grow up. Which is a really good thing!!
The next few months went by really really quickly! Happened to be working crazy amounts through March and May! Eventually I decided to quit a job I really loved because I was being made unhappy! I managed to get a new job, and I’m really loving it. I also went from working crazy hours, to a much smaller contract, which although has it’s downside, it has a major positives too. I feel much healthier with the decision to change jobs! I think if i carried on working the crazy hours, I would have got very ill!
August, happens to be my birthday month! I had a really good birthday! Mum took me into London to see the Phantom of the opera! I know it seems odd but I really, really love it! We had a whole day of girly shopping, dinner out and a London show! It was really really good! Loved it!!!
September next! September was a good month! I went to Scotland with mum and it was so good! It wasn’t some crazy beach holiday! But it was so good! It was so pretty and we had the best weather, which for Scotland is pretty surprising! Did lots of shopping! It was actually really nice to get away for a few days.
October then decided to creep up on us! This was a really busy month! There was always lots going on, so I really didn’t blog very much at all and I’m really sorry about that! 😂
November! This is when stuff starts to get exciting! Christmas stuff starts entering the shops and everything gets festive! I love it! A few weeks ago I ventured on a big family trip to centreparcs! There was 12 of us! Anyone who knows me! Knows I love love love centerparcs! It’s one of my fave places ever! I got to experience it with my best friend and my entire family! It was full of such funny moments!
December! Well I’m aware we are only five days into it! But I can already tell you, that it will be full of festive cheer! Christmas party! Family get togethers! Seeing friends! The lot! I am so grateful for everything! I am so unbelievably lucky to have everything I do! I should remember how lucky I am more often! I have fantastic friends and wonderful family!
2015 is comming to an end! But my goodness what a year! 2016 will be my year! It will be a good year! I know everyone always says this! But I hope, to make 2016 fantastic!!!! Thats all for today, but I will be back tomorrow!! Kitty out xo

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