Berry Kissmas πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸŽ„

Good evening my little jingle bells.Β πŸŽ„Β ITS DAY 2! Still going strong! I thought today I would show you a few of my berry toned lip products. During this time of year all I want to wear is beautiful dark berry tones and bright festive reds on my lips. I think a beautiful deep berry red, with fairly pale skin, and a very simple eye makes for the most glamorous look.

The photo below is simply my TOP 5 fave berry lips products for Christmas. I like a whole range of lipsticks. I like some higher end lipsticks, and I have some drugstore lipsticks, I just love them all! I have red hair this year, so my red lipsticks have taken a backseat this year, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. Sometimes I wear my bright red lipsticks, with my red hair. Who cares. Life to short about clashing hair and lip colours.

IMG_3405In order of appearance in the photograph, from left to rightΒ πŸ’„

1. Color Riche, Blakes Pure Red
This is my fave red this year. This is my go to colour. I have been wearing this on my lips almost non stop. I always wear red with a lip linner, if possible. I think its the most royal red colour ever. It’s a perfect evening colour, and daytime colour. Overtime I wear this, I always get compliments and everyone usually asks what colour it is, and where they can buy it, so I love the fact I can reply by saying oh boots, its not even expensive. You can wear this colour, all year round, but it’s a perfect christmas red.

2. Charlotte Tilbury, Glastonberry
This is the most expensive lip product, out the lot I’m going to show you! However, it is the most amazing lipstick ever. I have talked about this product, for ever. It has the most beautiful packaging, but the colour itself is amazing. Again I wear this with a lipliner first, and then apply. It’s a dark berry toned colour, that is perfect. It’s one of those kind of colours, that people will stare at, because you do have to be brave to wear it, but when you wear it, you feel amazing, and sophisticated.

3.Rimmel, Kate Moss 107
Long time favourite, of everyone. This was the first red lipstick I was ever brave enough to wear in public. It is probably one of the most affordable, but amazing lipsticks ever. I love the rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. Boots are forever doing these 3 for 2 offers, and at the till the other week I got to the till and the very nice lady told me, I could get a third makeup item for free, got my friend to dash round the store and find a rimmel lipstick. Love this colour so much it’s unreal. Forever a fave.

4.Rimmel, Kate Moss 22
Once again, a rimmel lipstick. As I just said I love the rimmel lipsticks. This is a different type. It’s the most amazing colour. This is more of a shinny colour, and is slightly more of a brighter red than the 107. This colour just screams christmas. I feel like this is the colour Mrs Claus would wear. I bet she would love it. I love it too. I don’t even wear this one with a lip liner, because it just works. It works well without a lipliner, and with.

5. Rimmel, Apocalips, Lip Lacquer
Final product, is a lip gloss type product. Again its rimmel. ( can anyone tell, that I am loving rimmel products?) This is from the Apocalypse collection. It goes on like a lipgloss, but drys fairly quickly and I think it looks more like a lipstick when it’s on. I’m not the worlds biggest lipgloss fan, so I even manage to surprise myself by how much I like this product. Give it a go, if you haven’t already tried it. They are really intresting.

Thats all from today guys, but again I will be back tomorrow, with another blog. Aren’t you a lucky bunch. Kitty out for now. XO


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