DAY 1! πŸŽ„

Merry Christmas Everyone! I can officially say that now, cause it’s DECEMBER 1STπŸŽ„! This is my absolute fave time of the entire year. it’s literally everything about christmas. Christmas movies. Christmas shopping. Christmas music. christmas food. Oh god! I just love it all! See my plan is to do 25 Blogs all through out December. So today is day one, so were off to a good start!!!

Christmas is such an important time to me, it’s all about family and friends. So it got me thinking what it would be like if I didn’t have my friends and family around me? There is so much hurt in the world at the moment, I think its important to remember everyone who wont be celebrating christmas this year. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Paris who wont have there loved ones around the table this year.

This year, I wanted to do something special, and I wanted to encourage all of my readers to do the same. This christmas I will be creating these christmas bags that I will be sending off to help Refuges. It’s a bit like when in school we would get a shoe box and fill it up with lots of bits and pieces, and then they would send it off to help children at christmas time.

Seeing as this is the first christmas blog I wanted to make sure it was the most important one. This year I have got involved with a charity and they give out small red drawstring bags, and I have got some for children, newborns, teens, and adults. I plan to fill all of these up, and send them off. Now this isn’t the only charity like this around. I think its a really good idea. Dont even have to have much money to get involved with something like this. Pound shop items are so good. If this is a bit too much money, or a tad too time consuming (Cause we all know how busy christmas is) maybe buy charitable christmas cards this year? Β Paper chase do some really good cards this year (as well as the most amazing christmas things in the world) They are doing special charity packs. 50P of each pack sold goes to Hospice UK which helps over 200 Hospices in the UK. There’s lots of charitable things to do this christmas.

I plan to get involved in as many charitable things this christmas. Any other christmas charity ideas do let me know in comments, cause I really would like to spread a little bit of joy this christmas.

Okie dokie! So that’s all from me today! DAY 1. Over and done! I’ll be back tomorrow with another excited blog. Kitty out! XO

P.S :Hey David ☺️


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