Bad Days Only Last For 24 Hours

Hello world. Hope your all well. This week has been a really odd week. Been a bit sad this week, not going to go into it? But I thought to myself : I am definitely not the only one having a bad day? What if I share my tips on cheering yourself up. So these are a few really basic tips on cheering yourself up.

Be Warned : This is a very girly blog.

feel good

1. Pamper. Being a girly girl, I love a good pamper session. Run a bath, chuck in your entire lush collection. I’m talking bubbles, bath bomb, soap. Have a nice long bath, take a magazine or a book your currently reading and just relax.

2. Listen to music. Sometimes when your sad listening to sad songs fits the mood, but ignore the need for sad music. Upbeat, happy songs will help you feel much better.

3. Junk food, Good film, and Wine (if you drink, I personally don’t drink very much at all, but I’m sure wine, helps a lot of problems)  Get the girls round and just have a good evening, maybe even a bit of comedy.

4. Approach things with optimism. Instead of feeling annoyed and upset, try and turn anything negative, into a positive. Look for optimism and just try and think about things differently!

5. Get more sleep! More sleep means more rational thinking. It’s a healthier way to live. More energy, more organisation, and lets face it you’ll look better. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

6. Exercise. This may sound annoyingly boring, but really works. You feel more awake, you’ll have more energy, and gets the heart going. It is a good way to cheer yourself up. The way I look at it, is when I leave the gym, I am then happy to have finished my workout and I feel like I’ve actually achieved something.

7. Plan something exciting. When you need to get your mind off things planning something exciting is probably the best way to think of something different. Holiday? Evening out? Maybe even just seeing some friends. Have something different to think about.

8. Treat yourself. Buy that expensive lipstick, in the exact same shade as every other lipstick you own. 😂 I work damn hard for my money, and I will spend it, how I please. So much of life is spent trying to divide costs, and pay bills and do all the boring stuff, sometimes think about yourself. You need treating as well.

9. Do something good for other people. With christmas approaching it’s the best time to be giving. Making others happy, gives you the warm fuzzy feeling. So in return you end up feeling really good!

10. Try and remember that no matter how big your current problems are, in 20 years from now, they wont even matter. Things always tend to work out in the end, so don’t worry. It’s easy to say and much harder to do, but try and put your problems into perspective.

Something to always remember, is the glass is always full. Even if its only half full of water? It will be half full of air. A little bit of optimism and positivity will go a long way.

Okay so a little different blog today, but I think it still counts. We all have bad days, and sometimes we need cheering up. Little tips and tricks.

Thats it from me today. New beauty blog up tomorrow, all for now! Kittty Out XO

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