I don’t need another nail polish, said no woman ever

Would you look who’s back? God I know its been a little while! Been a bit disorganised and a bit busy this month, but I’m back baby. This post will be about the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paints. Now these aren’t exactly new but I couldn’t not talk about them this year. They are just such beautiful pretty autumn colours, They are all very unique and would be great for autumn or fall nail art ideas.

I have always been a fan of the Barry M nail paints, I think they last a long time on the nail without chipping, and they also have brilliant shine, especially the Hi-Shine nail paints. I have picked up a few of the new colours. I personally have a HUGE collection of nail varnishes, and only about 50% will be completely Barry M Nail paints. I have also been loving the new Barry M daylight curing technology paints (But savings those polishes for another blog, coming soon)

The first colour I picked up was the mustard yellow colour, which i thought was so different and interesting. I then thought i should pick up a few others. There is a deep brown chocolatey colour, a rusty orange colour, a deep dark purple, and a very muted red colour as well as the mustard yellow.

IMG_3051    IMG_3053    IMG_3048

IMG_3052   IMG_3049

They are all lovely, beautiful colours, especially for autumn. I have plans to do some fall themed nail art. It really depresses me sometimes that I work in a food environment because I really forget how much I love nail varnish. I think nail varnish is such a small part of a look, but can really change your mood, and it sounds crazy, but I swear if your wearing BRIGHT NEON ORANGE nail varnish your mood would instantly be lifted and you would feel 20X better than you did when you first woke up.

Okay well thats everything for from me today, If your looking for some fantastic nail varnishes for autumn, you honestly couldn’t go wrong investing in these paints. I say invest, there £3.99, hardly breaking the bank!! So hop on over to your boots, and I will write again later.

This was a short one, but got more blogs coming soon!!!x



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