I’ve fallen in love with autumn

Good morning kitty pals! Hope your all adjusting to the horrible weather we’ve been having! Honestly I love it!!! It’s so exciting! So this horrible grey weather means autumn is arriving! To greet it’s arrival I thought I should share my autumn essential makeup! Autumn is a time for berry shades, deep purples and glittery pumpkin colours! Really like to experiment with my eyes in the autumn! So you can look forward to some very creative looks I’m sure!!!!


In the photo above, you can see some berry lipsticks and several different types of eyeshadows!! This blog is about exploring different colours!

Maybelline The nudes Palette 
This is a fairly new palette and I love it! I am a big lover of gold eyeshadows and this has the perfect gold colour! It comes with all sorts of different types! Some are matte and some have a glitter to them!!! I think this is the perfect autumn palette because it’s got darker colours so you can create a really nice vampy smokey eye!!

Sleek I-divine Eyeshadow Palette – Respect 892
This is probably one of the first proper makeup products I ever bought back when I was first starting to really get into makeup! I love sleek products! Their blushes and the eyeshadows are amazing because the colour pay off is fantastic!! It’s beautiful!! Reason I choose this palette for my autumn essentials is because it’s got some lovely orange and red tone colours and got a lovely deep purple which is always an autumn essential!!! I’m currently suffering from an odd eye infection thing so I can’t wait for it to all clear up and I’m able to really experiment with these colours!!!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadows
These are the L’Oreal indivisible colour Riche eyeshadows!! I’ve been in love with these since I first found them! I think there beautiful! They have such a large range of beautiful colours! These are two I’ve chosen that really represent autumn for me! A deep purple colour and a beautiful gold! The colours are perfect! Love them! These are in the colours 500 Gold mania & 301 Escape In Bordeaux. I think a gold statement eye with a dark berry lip is a perfect combo!

Maybelline Colour 24 Hour Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadows
The next two products are again staples of mine that appear in my everyday makeup bag all the time! These are the maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos! I love these! There simple to use! I often use these as base colours! These are in the colours  15-Endless purple & 70- Metallic pomegranate! I love cranberry shades and a dark purple smokey eye is one of my fave looks to recreate! Both products are a must have in anyone’s everyday autumn makeup bag!

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry
Charlotte Tilbury! Oh the things I could say about this lipstick! Not much other than, just about the best lipstick I have ever owned! If you read my old blog you’ll all know how much I loved wearing this last year! This is glastonberry and it’s beautiful! I mean it’s lovely packaging, the colour stays a long time, and it’s just about the deepest loveliest purplely colour ever!!!

Kate Moss Rimmel Nude Lipsticks
This is one of the new Rimmel Kate moss nude lipsticks! I have been a fan of the kate moss lipsticks for some time, but I do love a deep brown lipstick! It’s a very neutral colour but totally perfect for this time of year! This is shade 48. I think the shades are actually meant to suite a particular skin colour, and you have to pick the shade most similar, and obviously I’m naturally paler than Olaf, so it’s not my perfect shade, but in this case I just love this colour!!

L’oreal Colour Riche Blakes Pure Red
This is another long time fave product of mine! I love L’oreal as a brand! I think they have BRILLANT products, and I especially love these lipsticks! This is a gorgeous red! Such a glamorous red! I think when wearing lipstick like this I think you need to line your lips before hand to make the colour really pop! But this makes me feel fancy and sophisicated! A nice cream coat and this lipstick and I’ll feel like I’m ready for business!! This is in the colour pure red.

MAC Media Lipstick
It wouldn’t be an autumn essentials without my MAC Lipstick in the colour media. I love this! It’s probably one of the first MAC products I ever bought but every year it comes out and gets some lovin! It’s a deep purple shade which looks incredibly vampy but it’s the kinda look I love! I wear this with a very plain and basic eye look with maybe a winged eyeliner, and this lipstick! Whoa mamma!!!

Revlon Colour Stay Lip Liner
Lastly I have my revlon lip liner in the colour Plum. I love this because it goes perfectly with my glastonberry lipstick! I love love love it! There slightly different in colour but I think sometimes if you are going to wear a darker lipstick you need to make sure it really really stands out and that’s why lining your lips is so important!!

Okie dokie, right then! That’s my autumn essentials! It’s funny the last couple days it’s been such crappy weather and today as I’m writing my autumn essentials I’m actually sitting outside on the grass really enjoying the sunshine! Even got my shades on! That’s all from me today, but I’ve got some more blogs hopefully coming really soon!!!!

Over and out kittypals! Xo


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