These are a few of my favourite things

So July happened. Dunno what happened? But its August. So that means its time for my monthly faves. I looked in my makeup draws to pick out my fave products, and Ive been shopping and buying a few new bits that I am loving. So I am just going to jump straight into this.


So the picture above, shows a collection of products that I have been loving this month. So I’ve got some beauty products, and I have some skin products, and even a fake tan. So lets just jump straight into this world of beauty.

1.Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Skin Perfector
This is such a beautiful product. It makes the skin feel beautiful and soft. Silky smooth. I like to use it after I shower or bath and I use it specifically on the areas where I have dry skin. Like elbows, and knees. I like to use this product after I fake tan. I use it most nights, and feel just makes my skin look great.

2. L’OREAL Sublime Bronze
My fake tanning routine has always involved the Garnier Summer Body lotion, which I apply before any other tanning product. So again I would use the summer body lotion and then wait about five minutes for that to dry in. I then would take another more intense product and apply over, just to give a stronger colour. I’ve recently been trying this new L’OREAL sublime bronze product which works wonderfully. I love looking tanned, and it gives such a lovely glow. Really lovely colour.  Not orangey at all. LOVE IT.

3. Mojito BodyShop Bodybutter
I love mojito’s. I love mint and lime. I find it so refreshing. I also love bodyshop body butters. I have a huge collection of them, but finding out they did a mojito version was like WOW. omg I need that in my life. I also believe they do a green tea one ( I think they do, although I could be completely making that up though, I can’t remember) but if they do a green tea one, I will also be purchasing that too. I love this, feel fresh and awake after using it. Zingy. I use it all over. I smell so fruity.

4. Essie Nail varnish
Anyone who knows me, knows I love love love Essie nail varnish. I have sooo many types of nail varnish but I find Essie to be my all time favourite brand. These two colours are so summery. Been loving having some time off from work, its meant I’ve been able to paint my nails and I don’t often get to do that, which is a shame cause I love my nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE these colours. Got the pink on my toes right now. Both look fantastic with a tan. The pinky colour is called status symbol, And the coral colour is called Tart Deco. BEAUTIFUL.

5.Mac Mineralize Skinfinish
This is the most amazing product I have ever purchased. I love it. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It looks stunning. Like my face doesn’t look finished until I’ve used this product. It literally is my life. I think its perfect. It’s slowly, its sparkly, it’s just perfect. I love a lot of MAC products, but this has to be a long standing favourite with me. I always go back to this product. This is probably my 5th powder I’ve bought. LOVE IT.

6. MAC vanilla pigment
I love MAC pigments. They are lovely. I have several colours. But this vanilla colour is perfect for a highlighting shade. I use this under my brow bone, and in the inner corner of my eye, just to brighten it up. Works perfectly. I really love using this, especially in the summer months, when I’m doing brighter eyes, with more colour to them, I love to brighten them even more with this pigment.

7. L’OREAL J-LO Barely Greige
I love nude coloured lipsticks. Especially Beige nudes. I think with a really dark smokey eye, they look fantastic. So this colour is perfect. It’s such a lovely colour and shine to it. It’s a really moisturising lipstick, and doesn’t ever get dry, just feels really lovely to have on.

8. MAC pink pearl pop
I am a real lover of MAC lipsticks and MAC products, but this colour….WOW. I think its amazing. Its such a summer colour. If you were wearing a pretty plain outfit, then you put this lipstick on its like LOOK AT ME! It’s beautiful. It’s such a shocking pink colour. It’s a lovely summer colour, and I love it. Brightens up your day.

9. Sleek
I love bright pink barbie blushes. Especially sleek blushes. I love a sleek blush because I think they are so colourful and the colour payoff is brilliant. Obviously this is a very bright colour, so I wouldn’t use a lot. I would take the brush swirl it around and tap off any extra product, I would then use the brush with a light hand and use upwards on the cheek. It’s a really pretty colour, perfect for the summer months, and has a glow to it. Looks very lovely. This is in the colour Flamingo.

SO, thats my July Faves. Got a few more blogs planned for this week. I’ve spent this week trying to get myself organised, so hopefully I’ll be able to get more blogs up on a more regular basis. Thats all from ME!

Kittty Out


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