Treat yourself like a queen, and you’ll attract a king

Well hello there my little Jelly beans! Hope you are all enjoying this FABULOUS weather we’ve been having! Hasn’t it just been fantastic!? I took this week as holiday, so I’ve had the whole week off to do whatever I wanted in this beautiful sunshine! So tonight, I’m a little bored, so what do I do? I have a pamper evening!
Everyones version of a pamper evening is different! Which is why I would show you what I do to give myself a treat! So a pamper evening for me consists of having a bath (chucking in a bath bomb), doing my nails, getting my tan on, reading a magazine (an old one preferably, to look back on) maybe a face mask, a teeth whitening session, and a quick deep cleansing pore strip (for the shit in your nose)!
These are the products I use!
Mango Mayhem, Radox Shower Gel
Sugar Crush, Body Scrub from Soap & Glory
Bore Deep cleansing strips
Original Source, quick drying oil spray, watermelon and jojoba oil
Garnier Summer Body, deep sun kissed moisturising lotion
St Tropez, Luxe Dry Oil
Essie Nail Varnish – FIJI
Zoella Beauty, Fizz Bar
Rapid White, teeth whitening, blue light
L’oreal Elvive, Nutri Gloss, Hair mask
Strawberry Souffle, Face Mask
Then its my snack tray!!!!! I have this beside me when I’m ‘PAMPERING’
An old magazine, This is a copy of ELLE
A Glass of something! Wine, Fizz, Cider, Water? Whatever!!
a candle, or two….or three…..maybe like eight!
and most importantly….SNACKS
Every pamper evening is different! All got our own little things we do!  So thats just me! Pretty basic, but sometimes a pamper evening is just perfect! I often put on a film, or catch up on eastenders! Love my eastenders! Right thats todays blog done! Over and Out!
Kitty Out xo

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