50 facts about me!

5o facts are incredibly hard to think of! Especially when you want to make them interesting.
  1. I am the world fussiest eater. now your probably thinking oh yeah me too! but no one is as bad as me.
  2. When I’m older I would like to be a makeup artist, or something in makeup!
  3. I passed my drivers test first time!
  4. I have a collection of over 160 nail varnishes…and no i am not obsessed.
  5. I used to walk around with a tiny fake little fish finger, and i would take it everywhere. Some people had blankies. I had a fish finger.
  6. I am 5ft 7 inches, and my 16 year old brother is 6ft 4inches….Somewhere along the line, something went wrong.


  7. When I love a song, or a movie I will watch it/listen to it, until i am so bored of it i never want to hear/see it again.
  8. I can be the worlds moodiest person when i am cold.
  9. christmas is my faveroiuite time of the year. My christmas countdown starts boxing day! currently its 186 days.
  10. I am half irish, and one day I plan to move to ireland for six months and live with my grandparents!
  11. I have a pet beagle who is 2 years old!
  12. Puppets creep me out beyond belief
  13. I am a huge kid. At work I stood there and played with a toy train.
  14. The little mermaid was the first film i ever saw in the cinema, and it still remains to be my faverouite disney film.

  15. I am secretly married to orlando bloom. But we have to keep it all secret.
  16. I adore men in uniform. I adore what they stand for, and the beauty of a uniform.
  17. I would consider Alice in wonderland to be the scariest film ever made. I don’t actually know why i don’t know it just makes me want to cry.
  18. I am definitely a believer of ghosts. and i definitely think something spooky happens in my house after the lights are out.
  19. I had a reoccurring nightmare when i was little about the Teletubbies. To this day seeing a certain episode of the teletubies would probably send me to tears
  20. I need to be friends with confident people, because I am incredibly shy, so I need someone else to be the confident one.
  21. I will sing at any given time. On the bus, on the tube, at my till at work. One day i even had some guy sing the next line back to me.
  22. I have a major obsession with strawberry accessoriesIMG_8412
  23. My faverouite ever sweets are old fashioned milk bottles.
  24. I am an extremely emotional person. I can cry or laugh at the smallest thing.
  25. I am also a very sentimental person. I have a huge box filled with random memories. Some of the things would not make any sense to anyone else
  26. I love writing lists. I can’t help myself. I get an urge and have to write one.
  27. I studied journalism for two years, and actually quiet enjoyed the course, but decided it wasn’t for me.
  28. I actually love to read. I can get addicted to a good book! but i don’t make enough time for reading.
  29. I have touched Danny O’Donoghue hand. (lead singer of the script) after waiting 7 hours to get to the front of the concert


  30. 30.I have broken every finger and every toe, and also my wrist in 3 places.

  31. I did gymnastics for the majority of my childhood, and won my first ever competion. I secretly wanted to be in the olympics. but i gave up.
  32. I once went to pull my duvet up more, and instead i punched myself in the face and made my lip bleed. I had a swollen lip for days.
  33. People will call me crazy for admitting to this one…but i feel like i dream the future…I feel like sometimes, I’ve been in a situation more than once, and i know exactly whats about to happen. and I’m right!
  34. I am incredibly accident prone. I feel like i invite accidents!
  35. My teacher in nursery had to tell my mother that i had a battery stuffed down my sock. This goes back to my fish finger. I have always liked to have something in my hand. I still do now!
  36. My faveroute song ever is the man who can’t be moved, by the script.
  37. Me and my best friend once made a fort with sheets and blankets on her stairs, and then had our roast dinner sitting in it. It was amazing….Oh yeah we weren’t 9 by the way we were 16!
  38. I love Greg from master chef!
  39. My faverouite food is defo pizza!
  40. I am actually a mermaid….no I’m not, but me and my friend used to pretend we were mermaids when we went swimming.
  41. I am quiet costrophbic. I hate lifts and you will be unlikely to ever get me into one.
  42. I had a pet bunny rabbit, for 8 years. He was called max, and on his birthday, I made him a carrot cake.


  43. .One of my best friends ever is my bed, and i feel we don’t spend enough time together.

  44. I love a proper British accent, posh, prim and proper. I wish i had one. ( Also love Irish accents.)

  45. I can not stand the touch of cotton wool. It genuinely makes me feel sick.
  46. My mother named me Catriona after a character in the book ‘kiddnapped’. The Scottish meaning of my name is ‘pure’
  47. I am a very paranoid person. And although i know 98% of the things people worry about never actually happen, i still find myself worrying about the silliest little things.
  48. I loved visiting Paris.
  49. I once bit my tongue so hard during a gymnastics accident, that i ended up in hospital for a night, and had stitches.
  50. The most important fact about me, is that my friends and family mean everything to me. I wouldn’t have done any of the things i have achieved in my life without them.

So thats a quick insight into my world. My facts are the things that make me, me. New blogs coming! Kitty out xo

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